Beach hairstyles.

This year I seen a lot of girls on the beach with plaited hairstyles and I really like the way they look. I hate it when i’m trying to sunbathe and my hair is constantly in my face. The heat makes me uncomfortable and the last thing you want is your hair sticking to your head! So i’ve got some pictures of some really nice hairstyles that I think are great from this summer.



I think this is a really cool look and think it’s great from a day trip out in the sun. I personally think this hairstyle may be quiet difficult but if you practice it, I think it will look really cool this summer.



This is my favorite hairstyle and I have practiced this look before. Its really easy to do, even though it looks extremely hard and as though a lot of effort has been put in. Well, let me tell you, I watched a couple of YouTube videos and honestly, its not that hard. So this summer I really recommend trying out this hairstyle for by the pool.



I really like this hairstyle and think it would look amazing on the beach but personally I think it would be really hard to do. I have attempted this look but I found it quite difficult, so I would say this is the hardest look out of the three. Despite this, this look is great for summer and I think it looks effortless and chic. So I really think these are worth having a go. Practice makes perfect!

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Until next time, Chelsie x


showing a little flesh.

This summer cut outs are very on trend, if it’s on your shoes or on your clothing. I personally really love cut out dresses as I think they are really cute and can be made sexy by showing just a little bit of skin. Ok, they may not give you the best tan lines when walking around in the sun but who cares when your looking sexy.

Cut outs are really on trend and it has been seen all across the high street shops. I think cut outs bring a dress to life and make it seem different and unusual. My favorite is cut outs in the back like a cage pattern, I personally think this is my favorite type of cut out.

I am aware cut outs may not be for everyone and they are a love or hate sort of trend, but personally I LOVE them. I think everybody should give them a go this summer because you could really look girly with an edge.

image001358369242793kenfwj white_tumblr tumblr_lkee49k1mn1qh7a1to1_500_large


Until next time, Chelsie x

Placid Blue.

Lately, I have really been loving light blue or pale blue. I am auburn and personally I think it really goes with my hair colouring and that’s why I have been loving this colour. Placid blue is quite an icy tone but it is very on trend for this summer as it contrasts with the hot season. Placid blue can be worn all year round and is very versatile this month.

I personally feel that this colour is very Greek and feel it has been taken and been inspired by old Greek towns.


From this you can see the rich colouring of the Greek blue doors and I personally love this colour. Placid Blue is very on trend and is being worn everywhere. It can look very icy but when paired with browns or white it has transformed into a Spring/Summer trend. This colour can be layered very easily with many different colours and patterns. The main colours I would pair Placid blue with would be sand or light grey.  Many celebrities have been seen wearing this colour and I have looked at many images; I have found this colour matches every hair and skin colour. So this summer why don’t you give it ago, try something new?





Until next time, Chelsie x


Me and my world.

I thought i’d write a quick post about who I am and why I’ve started a blog for you to read.

My name is Chelsie Owen-Burke and I live in North Wales which is a little part in Britain, UK. Im starting sixth form which is like collage. I thought i’d start a blog now because i have more free time because of my 10 week summer holiday. I wanted to start a blog to find out who I am and what I want to aspire to be. I am very interested in fashion and beauty so I wanted to write about it and find my personal style during the making of my blog. So I thought that you could join me on my journey. I also wanted to inspire and help those people reading this that also are lost in the fashion world and don’t have a personal style yet.

I hope that I can fulfill what i have set out to do for myself and with you.

Until next time, Chelsie x

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