Grey is a must!

This coming season, grey is a must! Grey is chic, effortless and simple. I personally love wearing grey because you can simply pair anything with it. As soon as I get up and think of an outfit, I think grey. Its versatile and easy. You can pair any colour with grey, such as a bold colour – orange! Grey is the perfect colour for fall as it can be layered and paired with almost anything. So ladies, go and grab some simple grey basics for the up and coming fall.





Until next time, Chelsie x


showing a little flesh.

This summer cut outs are very on trend, if it’s on your shoes or on your clothing. I personally really love cut out dresses as I think they are really cute and can be made sexy by showing just a little bit of skin. Ok, they may not give you the best tan lines when walking around in the sun but who cares when your looking sexy.

Cut outs are really on trend and it has been seen all across the high street shops. I think cut outs bring a dress to life and make it seem different and unusual. My favorite is cut outs in the back like a cage pattern, I personally think this is my favorite type of cut out.

I am aware cut outs may not be for everyone and they are a love or hate sort of trend, but personally I LOVE them. I think everybody should give them a go this summer because you could really look girly with an edge.

image001358369242793kenfwj white_tumblr tumblr_lkee49k1mn1qh7a1to1_500_large


Until next time, Chelsie x

A girl should be two things, Classy and Fabulous!

Black, its that one colour that you can wear everyday and still look fabulous. Black is effortless, slimming and simple. The colour black will never go out of fashion no matter how old it is.

I personally love wearing black clothes because I feel comfortable and slim in black. Black trousers appear to make you look slimmer, I don’t know how it does it but trust me it does. I can wear black everyday with different coloured accessories because it’s an easy colour to wear and makes you look classy without making too much effort! It is very simple to throw together an all black outfit, but when wearing a jumper, roll up the sleeves to make your arms appear longer and slimmer – this is for all jumpers not just black. When wearing a all black outfit you must try to show a little bit of skin so you are not drowning in dark clothes. Black clothes are easy to put together when your feeling under the weather but try to put some bright accessories with the outfit to brighten it up.

Accessories are the key thing in an all black outfit. Accessories stand out against plain black clothing, and with black being such a plain colour you can accessories with any colour you like. I personally LOVE silver jewerlley and bright accessories too, such as pink or blue. Having said that gold is also a great colour to pair with black as it looks classy and stands out to enhance your skin colouring.

Black has always been on trend and will continue to do so.






Until next time, Chelsie x




White on white.

This summer I am loving the white trend. It is everywhere and it has inspired me to get some more white clothing for my summer holiday. The white on white trend is very simplistic and chic. By adding bold accessories or plain jewellery it makes this look effortless but well put together. I personally love the trend and think anybody can pull this look off well.



There isn’t much to it, you can turn a day look into night in this trend as it is very simple and accessories make this look. By going from trainers to high heels you have completed your casual and night looks. You cannot go wrong with this look this summer. I have seen this look all over the catwalk and it has been seen on many famous celebrities. This look is chic, effortless and affordable so why not try it.

Another tip when wearing white clothing, you must wear nude underwear as white can be see through, so wearing nude underwear will not give you visible lines and will hide anything that can be seen. ( white + nude = NO lines )




Anybody can look and feel fabulous.

Until next time, Chelsie x

Afternoon tea.

Yesterday I enjoyed lot’s of little treats supplied by Marks and Spencers. Me and my mum decided to make afternoon tea for my grans friend. We tried to make the table look like the Savoy and pretended we made the cakes too. I enjoyed displaying all the food and putting everything together to make it look professional, in our own home.

life 024


Simply adding roses or any light coloured flowers will enhance the afternoon tea party. They make the party look cute and friendly.

life 027


Look at these cakes!! These were supplied by Marks and Spencers and my God they were beautiful. They were really tasty and because they were small we ate loads instead of a big slice of cake.

life 030


This was the overall look to our tea party. We made sandwiches of all types: Tuna + Cucumber, Salmon + Cream cheese, Ham + Cucumber and Cheese + Onion. We simply just cut them up into finger shapes and displayed them on to cake stands which made it look like we’d spent ours preparing for this party. (It actually took an hour)

This is easy to make and overall it was a great party for my gran’s friend who turned 70! If your looking to do a simple party with little fuss then this is the party for you. I loved every moment preparing this and it turned out great.

Until next time, Chelsie x


Silver in the sun.

Summer is approaching and I am getting ready for my holiday in the South of France. My main item that I will be packing is silver jewellery. This summer i have styled silver jewellery into every outfit as i feel it makes the outfit classy and chic.

Silver jewellery personally makes me feel expensive and will make an old casual top or blouse look brand new and stylish. I have been inspired by this look. I feel a slouchy top and a touch of silver can make anybody feel better in the summer months.

I personally don’t like dressing up in the sun as I end up getting hot and return to the casual tops and a pair of comfy trousers or denim ripped shorts.

I feel this outfit highlights the casual summer style that I will be wearing during this summer. Its simple and plain but with a touch of silver jewellery it looks like you’ve tried really hard to put this piece together.



No outfit can have enough silver jewellery. You could fill your whole hand with silver rings and it would still look effortless and simplistic.

Try something new and feel good this Summer.

Until next time Chelsie x