Dove Grey.

So this summer, I am redecorating my room. I’m fed up of how my room looks and I have been inspired by Instagram and my mums new salon to redecorate.

At the moment, my room is purple and white but I personally don’t think my room represents my personality and who I am. My fashion sense is all about grey, black and white and  I don’t like colour. Due to this I’ve wanted to change my room up and have a good old paint. So, I’ve been inspired by my fashion sense and really wanted to bring it into my room and show who I am. I’ve typed in grey styled rooms on Tumblr and Instagram and I’ve really liked the simplicity of a grey and white room and feel it looks cleaner. I hate feeling cluttered and I like relaxing in my room on social media.

What I’ve done..

  • De-cluttered my room.
  • Painted my floor to a dove grey colour.
  • Painted my walls.
  • Taken old clothes, books, shoes and storage to charity.
  • Boxed up things I want to keep but don’t necessarily need.
  • Put most things under my bed and organised things.

I really think that summer time is a great opportunity to clean and detox your room for the up and coming term. This way you’ll feel relaxed and ready for studies or work. You need to feel comfortable in your room. You really need a clean head for work, and I feel a clean room will help you concentrate. I really wanted my room to express me and my personality. So why not take some inspiration and reorganise your room this summer? You don’t have to have a simple room like I wanted, you could go crazy and have a quirky room with different colours. Have your room say something about you!

My inspiration..





Until next time, Chelsie x


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