Afternoon tea.

Yesterday I enjoyed lot’s of little treats supplied by Marks and Spencers. Me and my mum decided to make afternoon tea for my grans friend. We tried to make the table look like the Savoy and pretended we made the cakes too. I enjoyed displaying all the food and putting everything together to make it look professional, in our own home.

life 024


Simply adding roses or any light coloured flowers will enhance the afternoon tea party. They make the party look cute and friendly.

life 027


Look at these cakes!! These were supplied by Marks and Spencers and my God they were beautiful. They were really tasty and because they were small we ate loads instead of a big slice of cake.

life 030


This was the overall look to our tea party. We made sandwiches of all types: Tuna + Cucumber, Salmon + Cream cheese, Ham + Cucumber and Cheese + Onion. We simply just cut them up into finger shapes and displayed them on to cake stands which made it look like we’d spent ours preparing for this party. (It actually took an hour)

This is easy to make and overall it was a great party for my gran’s friend who turned 70! If your looking to do a simple party with little fuss then this is the party for you. I loved every moment preparing this and it turned out great.

Until next time, Chelsie x



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