Slithering its way back into fashion.

My new love has been seen across the fashion world and has been worked by top fashion models.

Snake print has found a way into my heart and I feel the print is really edgy and classy. This years season print is snake, and I really like it. I have seen snake print all over the runway. Top company’s such as Gucci and Reed Krakoff  have reached the high demand of this beautiful print. I personally do not like print but this one has no faults. It’s classy, chic, elegant and I love it. Even if you do love a bit of colour in your life there is still a way to work this print, coloured python print has been very popular in stores. I have already invested in a little bit of snake print, as I bought a phone case for my iPhone 4 in plain white and black snake print. I’m embracing the print in a suttle way.

This elegant print can be worked with any coloured hardware and I think both silver and gold work really well. I personally would pick silver hardware because you know I have a love for sliver. Snake print has basic colours so can be worked into any outfit, even if it is clothing or accessories. This print is very versatile. So this summer or season try and embrace a little bit of snake print as it is very chic and classy.

Until next time, Chelsie x


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