Silver in the sun.

Summer is approaching and I am getting ready for my holiday in the South of France. My main item that I will be packing is silver jewellery. This summer i have styled silver jewellery into every outfit as i feel it makes the outfit classy and chic.

Silver jewellery personally makes me feel expensive and will make an old casual top or blouse look brand new and stylish. I have been inspired by this look. I feel a slouchy top and a touch of silver can make anybody feel better in the summer months.

I personally don’t like dressing up in the sun as I end up getting hot and return to the casual tops and a pair of comfy trousers or denim ripped shorts.

I feel this outfit highlights the casual summer style that I will be wearing during this summer. Its simple and plain but with a touch of silver jewellery it looks like you’ve tried really hard to put this piece together.



No outfit can have enough silver jewellery. You could fill your whole hand with silver rings and it would still look effortless and simplistic.

Try something new and feel good this Summer.

Until next time Chelsie x



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