Me and my world.

I thought i’d write a quick post about who I am and why I’ve started a blog for you to read.

My name is Chelsie Owen-Burke and I live in North Wales which is a little part in Britain, UK. Im starting sixth form which is like collage. I thought i’d start a blog now because i have more free time because of my 10 week summer holiday. I wanted to start a blog to find out who I am and what I want to aspire to be. I am very interested in fashion and beauty so I wanted to write about it and find my personal style during the making of my blog. So I thought that you could join me on my journey. I also wanted to inspire and help those people reading this that also are lost in the fashion world and don’t have a personal style yet.

I hope that I can fulfill what i have set out to do for myself and with you.

Until next time, Chelsie x

away with tom! 157


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